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the path that i choose to go .. 
i thing its not ganna get me the things that im always wanted 
the pain in my chest...
i think its ganna kill me
it ganna bern me
i no longer want to live like this
this pain ganna kill me
 i know it crystal clear
but the voise inside of my head say to me that i can handle it
one day the sun of my life ganna shine 
one day suffering ganna be end and never comeback  again
somtims i talking to myself how am i get in this big truoble?
how am i get so far from who i always be and want to be 
damn voice sinside of my head always telling me that your like every one else in the world
it has no differences between u and them
but i just can not believe it 
 my tears fall in my cheek
how am gann leave tomorrow
 how my life ganna be 
i just want somone in my life to holding me and telling me that imwalk into the right path
dear gad show me the way
show me the way
show me the way....

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